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It is official.  The Construction Blawg  is retired.  For a number of years, I maintained a construction-related blog called The Construction Blawg … which was highlighted by the ABA Journal Law News Now.  While all of the posts are archived, we may have a difficult time resurrecting the content given the internal hyperlinks and coding and expiration of our domain.  (… for you non-techies, that means that there are a lot of codes within each post that will have to be manually changed … )

Although The Construction Blawg has been retired, I am returning to the cyberworld with Best Practices Construction Law.  You will see some of the old regulars like Rip Rap (…focusing on those random construction stories…), but you will also see some new commentary … with a great emphasis on issues like Green-Building, Technology, Building Information Modeling, Great Tips on Project Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Another significant change in The Construction Blawg family is that I now have five … yes, that’s right … FIVE children … and four of them are under five years old!  So I will have some great stories to tell you, which hopefully will shed light on some best practices in the construction industry.  No, really.  Trust me.

So, out with the old … in with the new!  Make sure you check back regularly.