And I only have 18 days until my test … because I am taking the test on the "second to last" day.  If you are wondering why I am calling it the "last" LEED AP 2.2 test, GreenSource explains the basic requirements of the new LEED categories, including an easy-to-read chart of credentials.  If you have not already registered for the version 2.2 test, then it’s too late.  If you have registered, then you should already have a scheduled test date … and June 30, 2009 is the last possible date to take the LEED AP 2.2 test.  If you already passed, explains what it means for you.

I know there are endless resources (…free and not-so-free.,.) out there that can help you prep for the exam.  Well, thanks to my partner Vic McConnell (…Mom always liked you best…) who passed the exam last week, I have a plan of action.  With the obligatory disclaimer (…there are no guarantees that you will pass if you follow this method…), here are some of the materials that I am using for my preparation: 

Here is a list of substantive issues that I am focusing on for the test:

  • Certification ratings and points
  • Six credit categories (WIMSIE)
  • Code/Standards referenced (especially ASHRAE)
  • Exemplary Performance Credits/ID Credits
  • Project registration
  • Project certification process
  • CIR process (Credit Interpretation Rating)
  • Appropriate rating system (LEED-NC)
  • Certification application & fees
  • Prerequisites
  • Introductory sections to each credit
  • Submittals for each credit
  • Submittal phases
  • Commissioning (EAP1 & EAc3)
  • Synergies between credits
  • Relations between SS 6.1 & 6.2; SS 5.1 & 5.2; and SS 7.1 & 7.2
  • Energy Performance credits EAP2 & 1
  • EQ Credits (3.1 – 3.2)
  • EQ Credits (4.1 – 4.4)
  • Water efficiency  – plumbing fixtures involved
  • Project administrator duties

 All you LEED-ers, did I miss anything?