Yes, he actually said that … Marketing Awesomeness!  "Nametag Scott" is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, blogger and consultant.  Here is a short video about how Scott Epstein got into the nametag-writing-speaking-marketing business.

What does Best Practices for Marketing Awesomeness have to do with Best Practices Construction Law?  Not much … yet everything!  Take a minute and watch what Scott has to say about marketing awesomeness:

Did you hear anything helpful?  While we are traditionally in the business of constructing buildings, homes, infrastructure (… and not client lists or fans or followers …), Scott had some inspiring words:

  • Don’t sell a product … start a movement!
  • Don’t make money … make history!
  • Find your fans (customer), deliver a value, thank them often, sell occasionally!

Whether a construction lawyer, developer, architect, engineer, contractor, supplier, or random Google visitor to this site, we cannot forget the importance of customer service.  Remember the "customer" … the person or company we promised to do something for or provide something to … as we focus on the day’s activities.  Integrity is sure to follow. 

Thanks to Cordell Parvin, a successful-construction-lawyer-turned-lawyer-coach in Dallas, Texas, who recently wrote a post entitled, Thinking Creatively About Your Future.  I first heard about Scott through Cordell!


[Update: Got a nice note from Scott "Ginsberg, not Epstein" … If he had only put that on his nametag I would have gotten it right! Sorry Scott.]