What does it take to become a Rockstar of Sustainability in today’s environment?  As reported by Wendy Koch of USA Today, it takes the following:

  • Being an architect in San Francisco with a desire to build your own eco-friendly home

  • Taking 14 months to actually build it

  • Designing a more, affordable alternative

  • Stalking manufacturers to build the prefab home

  • And … winning an innovation award from the National Association of Home Builders for all the work you did!

MkLotus Sustainable Pre-Fab Home by Michelle Kaufman

This Rockstar of Sustainability is … Michelle Kauffman … and she has tapped into a growing market.  The modular homes range in cost from $100,000 to $1 million.  The USA Today article has an interactive home plan that demonstrates the green features.  As far as savings, Kauffman’s own home has a zero-energy bill since the home produces about two times the energy (through solar panels) than the home uses.

Another Rockstar of Sustainability is … Warren Buffet … who is being reported as having introduced a line of green prefab homes through a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary called Clayton Homes.  The green features include: well insulated exterior walls, floor and roof; low-e windows; metal roof designed for rainwater collection; No-VOC paint; high efficiency heat pump; and dual-flush toilets.  Other feature options include: 2-4 kilowatts of solar PV panels; bamboo flooring; tankless hot water heaters; Energy Star appliances.

Riddle me this, Batman Green Lantern, AP?  Which LEED credits should the project seek?