If your project goes bad and you end up in court … effective project management procedures can help you minimize your exposure.

Worried about your project?

I will be presenting this webinar to show you what you MUST document and what you SHOULD NOT document to help you win in court!  It is sponsored by WPL Publishing Co., Inc., the publishers of Construction Claims Advisor, Construction Project Controls & BIM Report and Green Building Insider.

This interactive program will provide you with guidance to help you develop effective procedures for documenting your projects.  You’ll get answers to your pressing questions, PLUS you will get sample forms and correspondence you can put to use right away to make sure you are documenting everything you should be –  in the right way.  This course will explore:

  • “Putting it in writing” rule – what should you record?
  • For whom are you documenting?
  • What is the hearsay rule?
  • Why are proper records so essential for claims and disputes?
  • Critical project documentation – what you absolutely need to document; and non-critical documentation – what you don’t need to document?
  • How to use project management software and Web-based capabilities to move towards a paperless project, establish good audit trail and consolidate project documentation
    Is written instruction via e-mail the same as a change order?
  • What should you do when a project goes bad?

The presentation is set for Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 1:00 to 2:30pm (EDT)You can register online.   More importantly, if you have any great construction “war stories” that you would like to share, please let me know.