I received an email this morning with the following warning: "The following message is intended for construction audiences only. Do NOT watch this clip alone or in the dark. Please wait 30-minutes after eating before watching this clip. DO forward this video on to a friend or colleague."


A couple of my observations about AGC’s campaign for its annual convention:

  1. This is very smart.  When I usually receive mass email alerts and messages, I put them in a "review later" folder and come back to them later in the week.  Not this one.  It caught my attention and I immediately clicked through the links.
  2. This is very timely.  Sending this particular message during the week of halloween was ingenious.  Although the AGC Annual Convention is not for another five months, the message was tailored for the season and I am sure we can expect similar treats over the next coming months.
  3. This is very exciting.  What AGC did here was step out of the cookie cutter approach to marketing.  It’s a sign of the construction industry embracing Social Media and using technology in new ways.  Kudos, AGC!