Not many things in life are free.  So you can imagine my excitement over the weekend when I received an email to attend a free sneak preview webinar featuring Robert Watson, the "Father of LEED."  Better yet … you are invited, too!

Join this fast paced live 60 minute free webinar to hear a first-hand presentation and analysis of the second edition of the Green Building Market & Impact Report by the report’s author Robert Watson, Editor, industry leader and LEED “founding father.” 

In the Green Building Market & Impact Report 2009, the authors attempt to answer whether commercial green buildings live up to their name—that is, that they are engendering demonstrable environmental improvement. The findings are described by the authors as "both encouraging and cautionary."

 Overall, we believe that LEED buildings are making a major impact in reducing the overall environmental footprint of individual structures. However, significant additional progress is possible and indeed necessary on both the individual building level and in terms of market penetration if LEED is to contribute in a meaningful way to reducing the environmental footprint of buildings in the U.S. and worldwide.

Findings from this landmark survey include:

  • LEED 2009 & Global Green Building Market Trends
  • Worldwide impacts of LEED on LEED Market Trends
  • Land Use Impacts
  • Water Efficiency Impacts
  • Energy Impacts
  • Materials Impacts
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • And more…

All registrants get access to a downloadable version of the Green Building Report.