My wife thinks I am nerd.  She’s right.  I rushed the kids to bed early one night last week so that I could sit in the kitchen to watch . . . okay . . . I will say it . . . the Metro Nashville Council vote on the fanancing package of the new convention center and the ensuing aftermath.  I love this stuff!   

  • In a vote of 29-9 last week, the council approved the $585 million downtown convention center, the largest building project in the City’s history
  • Councilmember Randy Foster opposed the measure and tweeted about the bill’s passage right before it happened
  • As reported on the tube, there are 1,329 days between today and the first booked event at the new convention center

There remains one pending lawsuit that could affect construction, although most commentators believe a compromise will be reached.  Tower Investment owns a parcel of land within the convention center’s overall footprint.  The dispute relates to the emminent domain proceedings by Metro to secure the land.  Interestingly, a number of council members have been subpoenaed to give testimony in the case.  Proceedings are set to begin in February.