About a year ago, I wrote a post on the trending topic of LEED revocation or de-certification.  That issue has not gone away … it actually has been brought to the front page of the news.  The hot topic, recently reported by Stephen, Chris and Doug (…sounds like three men in a tub…), involves the LEED certification received by Northland Pines High School in Eagle River, Wisconsin. 

When the story first began buzzing around the internet last year, I called Larry Spievogel, an independent engineering consultant, who was giving a presentation on "the actions of the designers that led to the first ever decertification of and plaque removal from a LEED Certified project.”  What I learned a year ago was just confirmed by fellow bloggers, as well as another friendly email from Larry.  Here is what Larry sent me:

I am not going to retell the facts or the procedural background to this dispute (…you can check out the three men in a tub for that …).  However, since it worked so well for the Spearin Doctrine, here is my Tweet about the LEED certification challenge in less than 140 characters:

Green school built. LEED color gold. Cheddar-heads revolt. GBC-Gods review. LEED challenge tossed. What now? Green atty!

According to representatives for the School, the fundamental allegations in the appeal for the revocation of the LEED certification are that the building did not comply with the mandatory ASHRAE prerequisite standards.  Since these standards are prerequisites to any level of LEED certification, the School argues that even a single instance of non-compliance with the ASHRAE standards provide a sufficient basis to deny certification.