As many of you know, I am heavily involved in the American Bar Association’s Forum on the Construction Industry.   For you non-lawyers, that’s a group (about 6,000) of geeky construction lawyers who get together three times a year for some of the best presentations on construction law, new technologies, risk management, financing, and many others hot topics.  In fact, at the end of the month we will be in the Bahamas learning how to be a better construction lawyer through best practices and technology (pdf).

As the Editor for the Forum Online, I have the privilege of assisting with the release of Construction ADR, a new book published by the Forum.  The book contains a detailed discussion and analysis of all aspects of ADR processes used in the construction industry including mediation, arbitration, DRBs, IDMs, and project neutrals. It provides both practical advice and analysis from experts in construction ADR and citations to case law, treatises, and other publications. The book is directed at the novice as well as the expert and will assist construction lawyers performing legal research as well as those looking for expert advice and analysis.


For the first time…and this is what is most exciting…the Forum is including real time updates to the book at  The newest cases, concepts, articles, and analysis dealing with each subject will be available immediately online.  The chapter update section will also contain a blog, for commentary by many of the premier authors.

(Full disclosure: I am not an author, but I know many of them.  This is the real deal! Heavy hitters! I am the editor of the website, though.)