I have been thinking of launching a leadership mastermind for construction professionals.  And this idea came to me over the past month as the world basically came to a complete halt—except for the construction industry, which has instead been on a roller coaster ride.

You see, most of the states and cities have enacted various “stay at home” orders with various exceptions for construction work, depending on the locality, the type of construction work, or the status of the project.  Executives, management and office personnel are working from home, while project managers, superintendents and field workers are clocking in at the jobsite on a daily basis.  There are stresses in the new “home” office, as well as new challenges on the project site.

And so I started to have more and more people asking me how to respond to the changes in the construction industry and how to adjust professional and personally. If you have seen me speak or if you have read of any of my articles, you know that leadership is just as important as construction accounting or risk management to your project and company’s successes.

My solution is a small, intimate group of construction professionals and leaders who are really focused on adapting and rebuilding through this global pandemic—to come out stronger, more financially secure, and risk ready for their companies and families. This will be a group of like-minded individuals, working with each other, helping each other, sharing different strategies and tactics with each other.  It’s going to start with this first group of founding members, but it is going to evolve into a group of industry leaders committed to rebuilding for success.

And I’d like to invite you to join me as a Founding Member. Again, this isn’t something that has been created yet and I am gauging the level of interest.  But, as a Founding Member, you get to participate in a six-week program. We will have weekly calls, where we will be given a challenge at the end of each and will report back our successes the following week.  We will develop content together for a workshop that will be given to your business or group. Finally, as a Founding Member, your only commitment is that you will show up and do the work. If you do so, I will cover the cost of this first 6-week mastermind.

If this sounds interesting to you and you’re interested in being considered to join as a Founding Member, simply send me a private message or email to mdevries@burr.com.