My kids yelled at me last night: "Dad! The plastic container goes in the plastic container box! NOT THE TRASH!"  Nice. Environmental-friendly-kids.  

Even in my day-to-day law practice, I am finding that I am taking small steps to lessen my impact on the environment.  (… Did I just say that?  Out loud? … )  I am reading correspondence, project documents, and pleadings electronically.  I am selectively sending out correspondence "Via Email Only" to my clients and opposing counsel.  And I just started an monthly e-newsletter.  If you would like to join, please sign up

My first newsletter just went out this week and I have received numerous positive responses (… Hi Lauren! Hi Jeff! Hi Kelly! …)  My e-newsletter host, MyEmma, and their partner, Plant-It 2020, planted 5 trees on behalf of Best Practices Construction Law and 1,645 trees on behalf of other customers who signed up in May. 

Whether law firm, non-profit organization, architect, engineer, owner-developer, contractor or supplier … what are you doing to lessen your impact on the environment?