You may have met my 22 year old Princess when she was 11. A few years ago, I was teaching her about grace … undeserved merit or favor.

Well, my daughter was stalling and delaying on eating her meal … by almost an hour. So, naturally, I saw this as a teachable moment.


This past week, I came home to a complete mess in our backyard—it was littered with debris, trash, plates and utensils, and overturn patio furniture.  My instruction to the kids yesterday morning was stern: “Clean up this mess by the time I get home…or else!”


One kid fixed the furniture in 15 minutes. One kid

My good friend and mentor Cordell Parvin once suggested that planning done by contractors for a successful construction project is not unlike the planning done by football coaches for a successful season. He is right!

Coaching football.  Successful football organizations consist of specialized teams or units: (a) the offense; (b) the defense; and (c) and special

Recovery for unreasonable delays caused by others can be based upon a breach of an implied obligation not to hinder or delay the other party’s performance. Wow, that’s a mouthful! Let’s look at an example.

In Foster & Creighton Company v. Wilson Contracting, the Tennessee Court of Appeals reviewed a case involving a project

Owners typically retain a geotechnical consultant, either directly, or indirectly though the designer. Either way, the number of borings the geotechnical consultant will take is often dependent on the funding available. It should be noted that the fewer the number of soil borings taken, the less likely that those taken will indicate properly the site

I realize that these regulations and rules may be three years old, but in 2010 the EPA imposed continuing requirements on persons and entities working with lead-based paint. Recently, there have been reports of regional EPA offices seeking to investigate and audit various renovation contractors for whom the regulations would apply.

In 2008, the United