In case you have not heard, on June 11, 2009, ConsensusDOCS released what is reported to be the first and only standard contract designed specifically for federal government construction projects. The ConsensusDOCS 752-Subcontract for Federal Construction Projects provides all of the necessary terms and conditions essential to comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation ("FAR"). In addition to being FAR compliant, the ConsensusDOCS 752 includes all of the federally-mandated flow-down provisions. The release is important in light of the federal stimulus funding bill. McGraw-Hill Construction has a good summary of the new contract document here.

According to Tom Kelleher, Senior Partner in Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP and Chair of the national coalition of associations who wrote and endorse the new standard contract, the new "federal subcontract will keep needed construction projects from getting tangled up in red tape.”

Of course, the American Institute of Architects was not totally out of the race. The now discontinued and retired AIA A-201 SC 1999 included the Federal Supplementary Conditions for public construction projects that could be incorporated into the contract documents.