I know that I am a few hours early, but Governor Phil Bredesen is scheduled to sign the Tennessee Clean Energy Future Act of 2009 today at 1:30pm.  He will be joined by key legislators, as well as members of his Energy Task Force.

Among other provisions, the new law will provide for: (1)  a limited statewide residential building code to promote energy efficiency, (2) new energy usage guidelines for state buildings and vehicles, and (3) an extension of Tennessee’s emerging industry tax credit to the clean-energy technology sector. You can find the bill summary on the General Assembly’s website, along with the full text of the new law.

Under the new law, the State Building Commission has the authority to implement various cost-saving measures. 

The measures may include, but shall not be limited to, maintenance, repair or replacement of lighting and mechanical equipment and related controls. Energy cost saving measures may be implemented through contracts with energy professionals including, but not limited to, energy service companies, commissioning and retro commissioning firms and agencies and energy auditing consultants.

There are no new state-wide LEED certification requirements, though.  In due time … in due time.