I will admit it.  I am open-minded.  I will try anything (…well, almost anything…) at least once.  So, a few years ago when ConsensusDOCS hit the market, I was happy to take the construction documents for a spin … and I was even happier to learn that ConsensusDOCS offered a metered account that allowed me access to all of the documents and pay for only the final product.

Rather than wait 10 years for a set of standard form revisions like another construction industry group (…rhymes with Bay-Why-Bay…), this week the folks at ConsensusDOCS released new and updated contract documents to respond to changed economic conditions, new technologies, and green building goals.  According to Brian Perlberg, Executive Director of ConsensusDOCS, “Today’s construction industry looks almost nothing like it did 2007. The practical expertise of an expanded coalition effort brought new ideas and actively listened to outside feedback to make the best standard contracts even better.”

Some highlights of this "review, edit and revise" process include:

  • Retention of the project-first philosophy mission that put Owners in an active rather than passive role in the construction process;
  • Incorporation of English writing style that provides clearer contract interpretation and project administration (…Bryan Garner is celebrating big time…);
  • Promotion of promoting collaboration, communication and integration;
  • Incorporation of Building information modeling (BIM) and green building goals as specific callouts into the agreements; and
  • Creation of two new documents, including a Standard Purchase Agreement  and a new insurance exhibit for the Subsubcontract agreement.

I have only test-driven the ConsensusDOCS on a few projects, but I am a fan.  Have you used them?  What are your thoughts?