I just received an email this morning from ConsensusDocs, announcing that they will be offering a new and significantly improved new technology platform for ConsensusDocs contracts within the next two weeks that will improve the contract process.  

I have been involved in some of beta-testing and I am really excited about this platform for attorneys, contract managers, and anyone dealing with the construction contract process.  Below are just a few of the many new features that are included in the new system:

  • 24/7 Access – Access your contracts anytime from anywhere via our new secure cloud-based system.
  • Easy to Edit – If you know how to use MS Word®, you know how to customize ConsensusDocs contracts.
  • Easy to Collaborate – Invite anyone to collaborate on your contract for free – you control editing rights.
  • Create Favorites – Create “Favorites” from ConsensusDocs contracts that have been modified to meet your unique needs.
  • Convert & Compare – Comparison tools allow you to easily see changes from one document version to another. Upload and convert your own documents.
  • Free Guidance – User instructions are embedded within the contracts and reference the free ConsensusDocs Guidebook.

Question: Have you used any of the ConsensusDOCS?  What about other online platforms?