While I know this was not coordinated to start on my birthday (…hint…hint…send gifts to my law firm address…), but for the July 12, 2013 letting and going forward, TDOT will require the apparent low bidder to submit a “Bidders List” identifying all subcontractors that provided a quote on that particular project/contract.

This measure is necessary for TDOT to comply with the Federal Regulation 49 CFR 26.45, which outlines how public owners set overall DBE goals. According to the TDOT Instruction to Bidders, the following guidelines address the new rule:

“The apparent low bidder for each project must provide a list of all subcontractors who provided a quote to perform work. The list shall be provided electronically on the TDOT form “Certification Regarding Subcontractor Bid Quotes” (Bidders List). The apparent low bidder shall submit this form before the close of business (4:30 PM, Central Time) five (5) calendar days after the date on which bids are required to be submitted (e.g., if bids are required to be submitted on a Friday, then the completed form is due by 4:30 PM on the following Wednesday). Emergency contracts will not require a bidders list. Failure to complete and submit this form within the time period required may result in the rejection of the bid.”

The new form can be downloaded here (.xls format), and will be posted on the TDOT website.  Within 5 calendar days of the date bids were due, the electronic form must be submitted to the following email address: TDOT.DBE.BiddersList@tn.gov.

Image: Jenniferschwalm