When it comes to identifying the best mediators in the country, Tony Piazza and Eric Green are at the top of the list.  And, on October 8, 2015, they will be sharing the stage in Austin, Texas for the Construction ADR Summit (pdf) sponsored by the American Bar Association’s Forum on Construction Law.

tony and eric

The program.  When a construction dispute involves new technologies that can only be understood by expert testimony, complex scheduling issues involving multiple trades, or large “bet the company” claims, the mediation process itself takes on an added significance. In this session entitled, Blue Chip Mediation: Settling Complex Construction Disputes, we will learn from these world renowned mediators.

You can participate.  If you want to ask Tony or Eric a question, please submit them to me at mdevries@burr.com.  All questions will be forwarded to Tony and Eric for consideration, and winners will receive a chance to win a copy of Construction ADR, published by the Forum.

Please send me your questions by September 15, 2015 so that they can be included in the drawing for consideration.