In seven years of blogging, I have never marketed another company’s or individual’s services or products.  Today, I decided to make an exception for one special reason: I believe that Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy’s new book, Living Forward will actually change your and my life.  Here’s why:

A Virtual Mentor. I met Michael Hyatt during a transition point in my life.  Well, I didn’t actually meet him, but I found him on the Internet. I had just moved to Nashville, Tennessee, after relocating my construction law practice here, to be closer to family. At the time, Michael was CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing located in Nashville. I happened to come across Michael’s blog, which he had just started. Over the next 10 years, I’ve seen Michael transition from a corporate leader to a Virtual Mentor, helping hundreds of thousands of people with the struggles in their daily life—from Fortune 500 CEO to small business owner to blogging mommies to this construction lawyer in Nashville.  Since we live in the same area, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Michael and his wife Gail on numerous occasions.

A Practical Problem Solver.  If you think that Michael is one of those out-of-reach, unapproachable public figures, with simply a handful of lofty ideas, you could not be more wrong. Just take a surf of his website on any given topic from how to treat employees, how to fight fair in marriage, and even the best ways to get out of a funk. All practical solutions to everyday problems. His advice helped me to answer common problems for my followers. One of my favorite lessons learned was captured in a blog post I wrote about what to do when your computer presentation crashes right before your big speech. Michael even tweeted this blog post one day and my stats went out the roof. Needless to say, Michael is the real deal.

A Forward Thinker.  With my leadership-crush on Michael, imagine my surprise when I was selected to be part of the launch team for Michael and Daniel’s new book Living Forward, which at the time, I felt was just a way to get the book a month before its release. But when I received the first chapter, as well as started to meet a number of the of the launch team members, I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the team. This book is about experiencing the life you want, while navigating all the distractions, difficulties, and demands that pile up day-by-day, year-by-year.  It leads you through a simple step-by-step life-planning process so every day adds up to the life you want now and creates the legacy you want to leave behind.

Sounds Too Thoughty, Right?  Wrong.  As a busy construction lawyer and husband and father of seven children, my time is limited.  I  find myself in “emergency mode” every single day. I tackle the problems that land in my lap at the moment or the ones that I see coming.  This is not to say that I do not plan for my caseload or family challenges, but I often seem to be living too close to the present without enough reliance on planning for the future. That’s where “Living Forward” has helped me identify a plan to get back on track: professionally, personally and spiritually. Even after reading the first chapter, there was a spark in my belly that started to inflame my desire to change. Here’s just one little nugget that I learned within the first few pages:

You may feel that you’ve drifted too far of course to get back on track, like the shore is just too far away. Perhaps you have given up hope and don’t believe things can ever be different. This is simply not true. It’s never too late. Be encouraged. You can’t change the past, but all of us have the power to change the future. The right choices today will radically alter the shape of tomorrow.

I don’t want to leave you with just a teaser of what you may find in this book and it how it can help you professionally and personally in your business and life. As part of the launch team I’m excited to share a few golden nuggets if you preorder Michael and Daniel’s book. (Again, I’ve never marketed on this blog, but I believe so much in changing my circumstances that I want to share with you that passion.)  If you order by February 29, you’ll receive:

  • A free copy of the audiobook (worth $22)
  • Admission to live online launch event (worth $197)
  • Detailed action plan guide (worth $47)
  • Living Forward quickstart audio training (worth $47)
  • Complete library of Life Planning templates (worth $47)

You can find out more about these pre-order bonuses—including our Leadership Package—by clicking here.  And while I am on the launch team, I do not receive any money or compensation if you decide to join me on this journey.

A Final Word.  I really feel weird opening my soul to you (…I said “leadership-crush” earlier…), but I think it is important for us to be truly honest with each other. My construction practice has experienced losses and successes. Your construction or development company has not reached its financial goals. Both of our families have been wrought with tears, giggles, fear, joy and frustration on all levels.  We both have experienced times in our life or we felt like we were just drifting and not living a purposeful life with achievable goals. That changes today!

Will you please join me, Michael and Daniel on this amazing endeavor?