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Matt is a construction & litigation attorney at Burr & Forman LLP and father of seven young kids.

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Tennessee Update: Legislature Looks to Suspend Workers’ Comp Requirements

Posted in Legislation, Tennessee
Following on my earlier post … nevermind.  Leadership of the Tennessee House and Senate recently reached a bipartisan agreement to immediately introduce legislation in January 2010 to suspend the effective date of Public Chapter 1041 from January 1, 2010 to February 28, 2011.  As reported last week, the new law was enacted to require a sole proprietor… Continue Reading

Tennessee Supreme Court Says Environmental Laws Are Relevant in Punitive Damage Award Against Contractor

Posted in Case Law, Environmental, Legal Trends, Tennessee
I love seeing a case zig zag through the appellate process … and I especially enjoy reading one where intermediate appellate court reverses the trial court and the highest court then reverses that intermediate appellate court.  I know, I’m sick. In a decision released yesterday, Goff v. Elmo Greer & Sons Construction Company, the Supreme Court of Tennessee reversed the… Continue Reading

Tennessee Legislative Update: Workers’ Comp Coverage is Required for Sole Proprietors in Construction Industry

Posted in Legislation, Tennessee
Over the past two months, I have received a few inquiries from small business owners about an amendment to Tennessee’s workers’ compensation laws.  The primary question is whether the new law, which takes effect on December 31, 2009, will require a sole proprietor to carry workers’ comp insurance on himself?  (Traditionally, there was an exclusion for sole… Continue Reading

Construction Law Seminars in the Music City

Posted in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Legal Trends, Tennessee
For all my Nashville and Middle-Tennessee friends, I want to take a moment to highlight two upcoming conferences.  Although the programs are geared towards construction lawyers, don’t shy away if you did not get a “shark degree” from Build ‘Em Big University … Each conference offers a little different glimpse depending on your career path.  What do I mean? The… Continue Reading

“Shovel Ready” Enough for Funding? Analysis of Stimulus Funds for Road Construction and Repairs

Posted in Federal Construction, Tennessee
This morning I read Brad Heath’s article in USA Today, suggesting that the stimulus funding for road repairs has detoured and by-passed large metro areas with significant road problems. According to the USA Today study, half of the nation’s worst roads will receive only about 20% of the stimulus money allocated for street repairs. The reason—the roads were not shovel ready and were in… Continue Reading

Just Holding Hands: The Courtship Between AGC and ABC in Tennessee

Posted in Tennessee
As a father of five children, I have fully prepared myself for "the" talk.  Already, I have discussed the various scenarios with my daughter about dating, courtship and marriage.  According to this eleven-year-old Princess, the line in the sand of appropriateness … is … "just holding hands."  (Whew!)   Last week, the two primary construction industry groups in Tennessee—the Associated… Continue Reading

Green LEEDer of the South: Tennessee Lt. Governor Says State is Committed to the Green Wave

Posted in Green Building, Tennessee
You’ve read the play on words: LEEDing the way … In the LEED … LEEDership … and even LEEDigation.  In an address to a room full of contractors, suppliers, and (a few) attorneys on Thursday afternoon, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) said that the state is committed to being a leader of sustainability in the South: "Honestly, I think… Continue Reading