Earlier today, outgoing Governor Phil Bredesen spoke at the final 2010 membership lunch of the Exchange Club of Nashville.  Bredesen addressed numerous successes over the past eight years as governor, including conservation efforts to set aside 350,000 acres of land in Tennessee, economic development opportunities such as landing a new Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga

Where’s Waldo?  The real question is, Where’s Matt?  If you’ve wondered where I have been the past few days, try looking in Texas and North Carolina.  I have been preparing to speak at two construction law conferences in two different states.  Look closely and you might find me.

On Thursday, I will be speaking at

I previously blogged about the historic flooding in Nashville in May, including insurance flood claims, building permits for repairs, and statute of limitations on mold claims. Today’s post is about a new lawsuit involving an insurance coverage dispute at Opry Mills.
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