Who’s the Man?  Ever heard of that phrase?  Well, in a recent construction dispute in Maryland, “the Man” was the owner’s insurance company.  And the lesson learned was: don’t settle your construction dispute without first checking with the man!


In Perini/Tompkins Joint Venture v. ACE American Insurance Company (pdf), applying Maryland and Tennessee law, the Fourth Circuit held that the joint venture contractor violated the terms of both the primary insurance and excess insurance policies by not obtaining the insurer’s consent before settlement.  Accordingly, the joint venture could not claim reimbursement under the policies.Continue Reading Don’t Settle Your Construction Dispute Without Checking with the (Insurance) Man

I previously blogged about the historic flooding in Nashville in May, including insurance flood claims, building permits for repairs, and statute of limitations on mold claims. Today’s post is about a new lawsuit involving an insurance coverage dispute at Opry Mills.
Continue Reading What To Do When Insurance Denial Impedes Construction? One Plaintiff Says Sue.