In July 2009, Wisconsin (through its Division of State Facilities) became the first state to require BIM on large public projectsThe details were highlighted in a previous post.

Yesterday, the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) announced its adoption of BIM for state design and construction projects.  The state has diligently worked to standardize the use of BIM for its future projects.  According to TFC Executive Director Edward L. Johnson, Texas wants to be a leader in BIM: 

Modernization of our business practices, modernization of our real estate strategy, modernizing building design and construction . . . a part of everything we do is making use of the most innovative, state-of-the-art developments in both the public and private sector. Three years ago we embarked on making the Texas Facilities Commission the most sophisticated and professional real estate management and building design and construction organization that exists in the public sector. Becoming a leader in Building Information Modeling is an important step in that direction.

The TFC does not  jump on the BIM band wagon and simply issue a press release touting its use of BIM … their actions speak louder than words.  For example, TFC is committed to developing clear standards and guidelines for the private participants, as well as an interoperable BIM template.  TFC produced a video that highlights its adoption of new techologies and commitment to BIM:

For more information about TFC’s new BIM program, check the TFC website or contact Mike Blackwell, TFC Marketing and Communications Specialist, at