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Communication, Communication, Communication: Lessons from a BIM Lawsuit

Posted in Building Information Modeling, Legal Trends, Technology
Last year around this time, I blogged about a new report indicating that half of the construction industry was using building information modeling (BIM) on their projects.  Last week, the BIM community lit up in response to an article by Nadine Post, which was featured in both Engineering News-Record and Architectural Record. A representative of… Continue Reading

The Problem with Words: They Can LEED to Miscommunication

Posted in Best Practices, Building Information Modeling, Claims and Disputes, Contract Docs, Document Management, LEED, Legal Trends
I have my Google reader set to search various blogs, news sites, and Twitter feeds to help me keep current with the latest trends in the construction industry.  There remains one major problem: the words we use have different meanings for everyone.   Take, for example, my search of Twitter feeds (above) for Building Information Modeling (BIM).  If you were to do the… Continue Reading

Construction Industry Rebounding? One BIM Solutions Provider Says So!

Posted in Building Information Modeling, VA, DC, MD
Budgets are being cut left and right.  Our family "eating out" budget … gone!  Our community organization "summer party" budget … gone!  I see non-profit organizations struggling to keep pace with last year’s donations, while attendance at professional industry conferences are shrinking. You can imagine my surprise when I read a press release from CADD Microsystems suggesting… Continue Reading

First Wisconsin … Now Texas … States Adopt BIM for Design and Construction on Public Projects

Posted in Building Information Modeling
In July 2009, Wisconsin (through its Division of State Facilities) became the first state to require BIM on large public projects.  The details were highlighted in a previous post. Yesterday, the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) announced its adoption of BIM for state design and construction projects.  The state has diligently worked to standardize the use of BIM for its future… Continue Reading

Post-Recession Recovery: Can BIM Save the Day? What About Twitter?

Posted in Building Information Modeling, Social Media, Technology
I know that title sounds odd. Before you start flooding my email box with comments about the practicality of Building Information Modeling (BIM) or the utility of social networking like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn in the construction industry, consider the life of the personal computer: Were you around in the 1980s during the microcomputer wars between Commodore, Apple,… Continue Reading

When…Not If…Does BIM Become Mainstream? Wisconsin Says Now!

Posted in Building Information Modeling, Contract Docs
Last month, I wrote about how Building Information Modeling (BIM) helped a project meet its time and money goals when local legislation requiring LEED certification was enacted in Wasington, D.C.  The original article that appeared in McGraw Hill Construction provided an excellent overview of BIM uses and strategies for all construction projects, including green ones.  The question that keeps running through my… Continue Reading

LEED Legislation Wrecks Havoc: BIM Saves the Day!

Posted in Building Information Modeling, Green Building, LEED, Legislation, Technology
That’s not exactly how the headline reads … but close enough.  The actual title is BIM Promotes Sustainability: Practitioners are Finding Paths to Green through Interoperable Software.  As reported by McGraw Hill Construction, this article demonstrates the practical utility of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on a construction project … a green one!  MH reports about the restoration… Continue Reading

The Future of BIM: “…in the pipeline…”

Posted in Building Information Modeling, Technology
Earlier this week, I read an article in the Daily Commercial News about the future of building information modeling:  The advent of building information modeling will have a major impact on project-delivery methods, says Ottawa contractor Doug Burnside, president of Dolyn Developments Inc. “I think we are going to see more design-build projects as opposed to… Continue Reading