One of my favorite leadership gurus, Michael Hyatt (CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing) posted a few good recommendations a couple months ago about using templates for greater efficiency.  Michael wrote:

For years, I have used the concept of “templating” to improve my productivity. The idea is that you create a template for any task that you find yourself doing repeatedly. So instead of “reinventing the wheel” every time, you do it once, save it as a template, and then reuse it.

Using Templates for Construction Cases?

In my construction litigation practice, I have used various templates to make my life easier during various stages of a construction disputes.  This week, I want to share with you a couple of those templates.

The first one is a mechanic’s lien information sheet (pdf) that outlines the background information that is needed for me to file a Notice of Non-Payment or Notice of Lien on behalf of a client.  The type of information that I need to file a lien includes the following:

  • Is the project residential or commercial?
  • Is the Contract with the owner of the property or the prime contractor?
  • Name and address of property owner and prime contractor.
  • Name of project/subdivision; property location map; and property address and/or lot number.
  • Type of service/material/labor supplied to the project.
  • Commencement date (ground breaking) of the project.
  • Beginning date of your work on the project.
  • Total amount invoiced to date with a copy of the invoices.
  • Amount owed or unpaid on the project.
  • Last date of your work on the project.
  • Date entire project was completed.
  • Any “Notice of Completion” recorded?
  • Any payment bonds issued?

While this information appears to be a no-brainer request for those contractors who file liens on a regular basis, I have found over the years that my clients appreciate the template that I send them.  This way, there is no confusion about what information I need from them and I am able to more effeciently help my client pursue their rights.