Top Tweet Construction, BIM, LEEDAside from some personal quiet time to reflect on the day ahead, my second favorite part of the early morning is to review my RSS fees to see what may have happened in the prior 24 hours.  It’s a sickness.  I know.

I always find at least one golden nugget of information that may be useful in my professional or personal life.  Sometimes it is breaking news about a green construction issue.  Sometimes it is strange.  And sometimes it is simply entertaining.

In any event, I want to begin sharing with you some of these TOP TWEETS, which are determined during my morning review of the prior day’s Tweets and based on my sole discretion. There’s no formula or selection criteria.  You may agree or disagree with my choices.  That’s okay.  You may choose to send me links.  That’s okay, too.

And so, here are some Top Tweets for June 21, 2010: