In the weeks leading up to the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry’s annual meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, a number of construction attorneys and I were feverishly reviewing submissions for this year’s Construction Law Update.  The document is a compilation of cases and legislation affecting the construction industry.  The updates are provided throughout the

As reported in the Nashville Business Journal and News Channel 5 (video), a non-discrimination bill passed on a second reading at Metro Council last week.  The council voted 21 to 16 in favor of the bill that would add two new classes to the procurement code Metro contractors already follow. These companies would not be

Depending on where you live, owners of construction companies may have a new dilemma to address with their employees: medicinal marijuana.  The conflict puts the company’s safety and employment policies often dictated by federal law directly up against what may be an individual’s rights under state law. 

Medicinal Marijuana versus Construction Safety Policies

Stephanie Simon reports in this morning’s Wall Street

It really is impossible to put your arms around the number of green building and energy performance policies and codes that are sprouting up all across the nation.  When a project involves private commercial development or public investment, one of the most discussed issues is whether the cost of obtaining LEED certification from the U.S.

I wonder who that sad little scrap of paper is?  Do you know?  Oh, yeah, he’s just a bill … he’s just a bill on capitol hill.

You knew that Nashville was the Music City, right? Reminiscent of the "Schoolhouse Rocks" days, last night I attended the kick off dinner for the AGC of

On December 24, 2009, the United States Senate voted to pass its own version of the health care package.  You have probably heard cries about the length of the bill (1,990 pages).  You have probably heard the cries about the costs.  But have you heard about an amendment that may significantly affect the construction industry?

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