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Matthew DeVries

Matt is a construction & litigation attorney at Burr & Forman LLP and father of seven young kids.

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Project Documentation: The Bad Little Email That Got Produced

Posted in Best Practices, Legal Trends
Believe it or not, there are always a wealth of emails and other documents produced in litigation that help “make the case” for the other side. Take, for the example, the e-mail I found in the files of one superintendent entitled “PROJECT DELAYS” … the words could not have been clearer … “I think we need to begin to tell… Continue Reading

Project Management: What to Do When People Come and Go

Posted in Human Resources, Project Management
A headline from the Wall Street Journal caught my attention this morning: “When People Come and Go: Project teams often have different workers at different times. And that can create problems.” Imagine the potential problems that exist in an industry where project team members change regularly such as in the construction industry. What does history report on… Continue Reading