Alternative Dispute Resolution

Yesterday, I received an email alert from the American Arbitration Association announcing ClauseBuilder, an on-line arbitration and mediation tool that assists individuals and organizations in drafting arbitration and mediation agreements. In today’s post, I review the program.
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For all my Nashville and Middle-Tennessee friends, I want to take a moment to highlight two upcoming conferences.  Although the programs are geared towards construction lawyers, don’t shy away if you did not get a “shark degree” from Build ‘Em Big University … Each conference offers a little different glimpse depending on your career path.  

Who knew that dispute resolution was a lot like ordering from a menu?  Would you like one arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators?  Would you like your jurisdictional questions to be determined by the court or the arbitrator?  Which arbitration rules do you want to apply?  So many choices . . .

Do you want a "reasoned award" in arbitration?

Recently, the American Arbitration Association revised and