I have written before about statutes of limitation and statutes of repose relating to construction disputes. I recently learned that these principles may not apply to a public owner’s claims against design professionals and contractors.


Statutes of limitation/repose?  In its simplest terms, a statute of limitation is a time limit for bringing a lawsuit (

Where’s Waldo?  The real question is, Where’s Matt?  If you’ve wondered where I have been the past few days, try looking in Texas and North Carolina.  I have been preparing to speak at two construction law conferences in two different states.  Look closely and you might find me.

On Thursday, I will be speaking at

Litigating Consumer Protection Act CasesEvery construction litigator in the residential arena knows that a state’s consumer protection laws are good grounds for disputes.  Will my client get treble damages?  Will they recover attorney fees for deceptive trade practices?  Does my client have any defenses to these types of claims?

In Fayne v. Vincent (pdf), the Supreme Court of Tennessee

What is the scope of coverage under a commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policy on a construction project?  As most attorneys will tell you, "It depends."  It truly depends on the express terms or language of the policy, the cause of the damage, and notably the jurisdiction of the dispute.

The Mississippi Supreme Court heard oral arguments on October

Released in 1968, the lyrics from Steppenwolf’s psychedelic rock song blare out: "I like to dream, right between my sound machine…"  Yep, you remember … the Magic Carpet Ride!

Ready for a Magic Carpet Ride?

The Maryland Court of Appeals recently decided a construction case based upon a set of pre-contract discussions that Judge Harrell described as a "complicated series of events from